Adiabatic Demagnetization Refrigerator (ADR)

Our ADRs offer a fast and reliable way to get into the Millikelvin range. Optimized for easy access and handling.

The Entropy ADR cryostats are available as M- and L-series based on pulse-tube coolers with a cooling power of 0.5W or 1.0W at 4.2K and various sample space.

The ADR stage consists of a superconducting magnet, a double-stage salt pill unit and a heat switch.

Base temperature: 30mK

Cooling capacity: 150mJ @ 100mK, 1.8J @ 1K

Hold time: more than 48 hours @ 100mK

Recharge time: 1 hour

Sample space at 4K:

  • Ø 230 x 300mm (M-series)
  • Ø 300 x 300mm (L-series)
  • Or completely custom-made

The systems come fully featured up with temperature sensors, heaters, electronics and software with TCP/IP interface for remote control.

Several accessories such as DC cables, coax cables, circuit boards, fibers, optical ports and sample magnets are available on request.

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