Entropy provides closed-cycle cryostats based on 1- and 2-stage GM or pulse-tube coolers for continuous operation at low temperatures.

  • Various temperature ranges with different cooling power
  • GM cooler for 70K, 50K and 10K
  • Pulse-tube cooler for temperatures < 3K
  • Variable sample space available
    • Ø 180 x 200mm (S-series)
    • Ø 230 x 300mm (M-series)
    • Ø 300 x 300mm (L-series)
    • Or completely custom-made
  • Vibration isolation by copper braids and bellows
  • Sample magnets on request
  • Fully featured setup with temperature sensors and heaters
  • Electronics and software
  • TCP/IP interface for remote control
  • Fully assembled and tested or as a cryostat kit for assembly by the client
Kryostaten Kit 4K   Bild 01_var03

Cryostat 10K
Kryostat 70K eckig isometrisch-small