RuOx Sensors

Thick-film chip resistors based on Ruthenium Oxide are effective low-temperature thermometers.

Entropy offers several types of RuOx sensors for different temperature ranges and applications in high magnetic field.

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Housing: The standard sensor housing is made of pure silver or copper. A minimal amount of pure epoxy is used in the construction to avoid heat-capacity anomalies from epoxy fillers. The sensor has an integrated SMD connector for easy and reliable electrical connection.

Other housing options such as chips on silver foil or naked are available on request.

RuOx Type A

  • Useful down to 200mK
  • Individually calibrated
  • Typical resistance: 100kΩ at 200mK

RuOx Type B

  • Useful down to 20mK
  • Individual or batch calibration available
  • Typical resistance: 10kΩ at 100mK

RuOx Type C

  • Very small magneto-resistance
  • Individually calibrated
  • Useful down to 50mK
  • Typical resistance: 100kΩ at 100mK

RuOx Type D

  • Useful down to < 30mK
  • Individually calibrated
  • Typical resistance: 15kΩ at 100mK

             Typical Resistance Values

All RuOx R(T)

                Typical Sensitivity Values

All RuOx S(T)

         Typical Dimensionless Sensitivity Values

All RuOx dimlessS(T)

RuOx Type Z

  • Customized sensor
  • Individually calibrated

Ask us for a tailored solution for your application.